Xavier Oswald & Thomas Riedel

ab 07.15         

Practitioner view on how Performance Testing evolves

The way we build applications and the architecture used evolves continuously.
What has not changed is the need for stability, resilience and scalability – it has actually increased. To answer how this continuous change impacts performance testing we share some of our own data points and examples to illustrate our journey. We will touch aspects that have stayed relevant for the last 20 years as well as what we adjusted in recent times.
We will address in this session:

  • Looking at data points for changes, problems and testing
  • Examples where a traditional performance testing approach failed
  • Lessons learned from failure and derived best practices
  • Recommendations, considerations & challenges in the modern world
Short Bio

Xavier Oswald
Xavier is working since 8 years for Credit Suisse as QA technical lead, QA SME and QA Team lead.
He has managed 100+ performance testing projects during the last years while driving a team of ~30 performance engineers.
Previously he spent 4 years delivering Performance & Application Monitoring services across EMEA as consultant for many company (e.g. Banking, Insurance, Telecom).

Thomas Riedel

Weitere Speaker