Jette Pedersen

Hey team – let’s talk about quality

We talk about test, but what does that really mean?
There is so much more to quality than just testing. We need to ensure that we do not settle for releasing “flawless” software, but also take into consideration that UX should be high quality for the users.
When I talk to the teams, I would rather talk about how we ensure good quality for our products, than just about which tests we need to do. This will ensure, that everybody will be more aware about how to think quality throughout the whole process, from starting a task and until it has been released to production and hit the users.

Short Bio

Jette is key in ensuring that the eBay teams are delivering quality releases on Denmark’s largest classifieds marketplaces; DBA & Bilbasen.
In her daily work she coaches various teams, guiding them on how ensure quality of products and how to do thorough testing. This includes every aspect of the QA process, from discussions and talks on what to cover to keep a high quality, how to evaluate risk and all the way through executing tests.
Jette is both ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst and TMap Suite Test Master certified, and has a background as a developer in the financial sector.

Weitere Speaker