Pakkala Sree Rama Murthy & Collin Harinath


Brenda - An Artificial Intelligence Team Member

We developed an AI/ML framework named Brenda. Brenda is an AI team member that monitors the infrastructure 24×7, does Quality Assurance checks regularly, handles the alerts and applies auto healing. She communicates critical issues to the DevOps team. Brenda supports the DevOps team to identify errors, helps to do troubleshooting. She can also suggest the root cause to the DevOps team with her Machine Learning knowledge of past incidents. We will explain about the AI framework in general and talk about how we make it cost effective by reducing MTTR/MTTI and increase quality.

Short Bio

Collin has done his Bachelors in Computer Science and has 16 years of experience in Information Technology. He is working as a Technical Lead in Swisscom. He has implemented various Innovative solution as part of “Digital Transformation”. Collin has a passion for developing IoT devices.

Murthy has done his Masters in Computer Application and has 22 years of experience in Information Technology and more specifically in Telco domain. He is working as Product Owner in Swisscom. He is leading various implementations of monitoring and AI/ML solutions for Infrastructures.

Weitere Speaker